Followed by the electricity supplier pace do not go astray

with WeChat’s popular "derivative" seems to be synonymous with the electricity supplier, from early morning chicken haven’t called, began to brush circle of friends, until the chicken slept, circle of friends also did not break down.

day sun, Shuabing, Jack, inspirational, exchange group, push each other, mutual praise…… What made what? I believe most people like me, the viral marketing sellers hate, not only single, but early in the shield, or pull the black

. For WeChat such an era of marketing tools, is an indispensable derivative era of good stuff, but the water boat can capsize. Excessive abuse, not only has no effect, but produce side effects.

micro era of marketing, exactly how to do


1, for marketing, must have patience. Those friends are often pregnant overnight, if you always be the so-called "earn 3000 days", "enjoy a monthly salary of 200 thousand" dazzling Title lure, you will pay the price. Any success is not accomplished overnight.

2, a correct understanding of the role of WeChat. Because of WeChat’s privacy, the location should be more inclined to provide good customer service, customer service service, to guide customers to correctly understand the products, to stimulate customers two consumption. However, if too much bother to customers, often counterproductive. Of course, WeChat is not only limited to the role of the sale, combined with the promotion of the line, so that customers pay attention to WeChat, it gives a chance to let customers pay attention to the product.

3, the traditional network marketing can not be abandoned. Micro-blog, QQ space, forums, search engines and other channels is still an important channel for product exposure. Active in micro-blog, every QQ space, and even the number of people on the forum is still an astronomical figure, think of ways to use these channels to increase your product exposure, but also can guide customers pay attention to WeChat through these channels, understand the products and services.

4, pioneering ideas, positive innovation. Do business is to micro innovation, the rules of the Internet is changing every day, if you just learned from online so-called "secrets of success", "XX days to learn the network marketing, must keep up with the pace of micro business. Good at developing alternative marketing tools. For example, most of the forum, the community has a very comprehensive anti advertising system, want to publish ads in large sites increasingly difficult, such as Baidu post bar, micro-blog, etc.. But we can still borrow on the signature, we need to show the information (especially the two-dimensional code), then send some more eye-catching title, or network hot Posts attracted traffic, such as: "in fact, Jaycee Chan’s drug sources, is from me wholesale, quality assurance, fake a compensable, support goods to payment, UnionPay card, bank transfer, online payment, mortgage and so on.

, of course, for all the ancestors of experience, but also slowly implemented, although will be very boring, but marketing is like this, don’t ask for the moon, earth is the right path. My micro signal: tui_96. Welcome everyone

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