WeChat marketing plus friends have friends from all sides

The enterprise marketing

in 2014 has not only confined to the computer network, WeChat marketing is definitely one of the bright younger generation. No matter what you do, as long as you are for the purpose of marketing are the same commercial nature. We know that the most important thing to do WeChat marketing is the majority of the advocacy groups – WeChat friends, and then to carry out your WeChat marketing. How to get more WeChat friends? This is today the author Dennis to share with one of your WeChat marketing experience.

is now a lot of companies have their own micro site or micro shop, and through the plus off gifts in the form of access to some of the attention of old customers, but the number is limited after all. So what kind of way to get the attention of friends of all parties may wish to consider our most commonly used chat tools.

first, micro group propaganda, plus friends

access to WeChat friends micro group of friends is indispensable. Through a number of conditions to add to the micro group, its pertinence is relatively strong, in the propaganda is also a big help. However, we should pay attention to, not all of the friends have to add, but choose the relative advantage. For those who often advertise micro friends need not add, this will only Shuabing friends can not bring good publicity to you. At the same time, no matter what kind of way to add a friend, we must remember that "communication", can not let him become a zombie friend.

second, sync add, QQ friends

WeChat has a more powerful feature is its synchronization effect, which you can work in the QQ group of friends as friends in the gradual addition of WeChat friends. Do not deny that this is a tedious process, but according to the author Dan’s experience, if you put your WeChat directly to the QQ group, people take the initiative to scanty your friends, this is really useless. Slow sometimes is a good choice.

third, network micro forces a lot of attention to promote each other

compared to catch up from behind WeChat, like micro-blog propaganda has long history, if you micro-blog fans are more active, and the degree is high, so it might be their friends with, but you must be the famous micro-blog, so it is convenient to recognize you. In addition to make friends at WeChat, QQ God of the characters, their prestige is very high, usually so that you can quickly add a hundred responses to a single call, to many micro friends Oh, and usually still energetic propaganda.

fourth, communication and emotional card, one by one to inherit friends

plus friends later, plus friends work is not over, like other marketing models, like the micro friends to maintain. Of course, with respect to the customer maintenance, maintenance of micro friends should be more simple, just as a friend when you can send a greeting, so you can create a first impression, for marking birthday friends remember a blessing, can increase the interaction between micro friends, will bring good publicity to you oh. And >

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