WeChat attracts fans Give me a reason to focus on you

talk about WeChat today.

do WeChat, whether it is the operation of the public number or personal number, to attract enough, precise fans (or friends) are the foundation.

and the difficulty is here. Each WeChat operators have come up with various ways.

who will not let their WeChat attention to a pile of no interest account.

others care about us, always for a reason.

in addition to careless mistake, there is no cause for concern WeChat.

calls the "Westward Journey" inside a famous saying, you give me a reason to pay attention to you.

, such as banking, telecommunications and mobile services such as WeChat number, because we pay attention to him, you can have a lot of convenience, such as inquiries, get coupons, etc..

some of the media or celebrities in our respective industries, we will also pay attention to, because we need to get information and learning.

it’s all because they provide what we need.

and for many other WeChat accounts, such as some ordinary businesses, business accounts, the reason is not so concerned about the inevitable.

but the WeChat operators can create a variety of reasons. The most common is the interests of attracting attention, prizes, gifts and so on.

but I think there will be some mistakes. In particular, some companies do not understand the new media. Think that as long as attracted to fans on the line.


just get the fans,


I think this is not the case, fans want to find some people who are really interested in you, rather than complete the task like to blindly pull the fans, the number.

unless the target group can be a very broad account, such as the local WeChat account, the local people in the circle.

for more business, business accounts, or vertical accounts. Fans are accurate to be useful.

so, the above said "give you a reason for me" attention, I think this is not just to pull one or two more fans.

more often, or by setting the reason for this concern, the initial screening of the real target groups.

for example.

six months ago I once went to the shopping center door, saw a man holding a two-dimensional code of KT board, holding a stack of things.

I passed him a few meters away, I heard him shout, attention to WeChat IPAD shell.

have something to send and iPad shell I just need.


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