App marketing trilogy with a small fire three applications

App marketing has always been a very difficult problem, whether it is from the marketing channel or creative settings, are a great test of the potential audience’s attention. But as the main battlefield applications: Android and apple Appstore market, is more like a big supermarket in addition to a superb collection of beautiful things, generous buy booth advertising, breakthrough small developers are insufficient.

so we want to share tips for a free break free, of course is actually one of the most exhausting marketing mode, it needs to attract users in the creative absolute focus on manufacturing topics, to the user as a medium.

1, topic planning

topic is the dissemination of the foundation, the masses are fanning media. Only to take control of this, gossip and the mood of the people has become an interesting soil, in this soil, what kind of fun you can naturally produce what kind of music. We fully grasp the double insurance and entertainment to the warmth of the route, make the topic more enjoyable, this is the small event recently we use APP three application proposal with fire.

first we dig out a small mobile phone OCD symptoms of this experience, the friend to the story quickly into the mobile phone desktop, using the traditional China Cangtou poem make a fuss. Then came out: I use the truth, for you this life, love you not, life, Ye Xiaobao.


2, topic misleading


for this topic, we actually studied the application name too much, the acrostic pattern collocation proposal, with mobile phone desktop when proposing props, the story apparently aroused the curiosity of friends and onlookers. We will contribute to the topic of micro-blog large, micro-blog large used, but will be our hero information set into grass root, we had the story of friends bought a mobile phone to his girlfriend, download a bunch of APP, using the acrostic proposal. When released in micro-blog, a man with the goddess of the grass root mobile phone to download a APP, zero cost. This topic, completely aroused the interest of everyone.


in the picture, we deliberately set the topic of misleading, also can use some auxiliary APP as the ornament, in order to make the @ tonight hotel special offer encirclement, we deliberately originally proposed to modify the sentence (originally: I love you, Fang Xin) in the vision we created a space: I think with the truth, for you tonight. The idea of the story appeared immediately


3, the topic of

a picture to push the fire an application, we think it is not worthwhile, so we added a @ Jiayuan, of course that all APP are good memories between my friend and his girlfriend. But Jiayuan APP appears in the proposed locations, obviously is neither fish nor fowl, this is like you see a person wearing a jacket in summer.

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