SEO K is the disaster station to break the title

K station K station! Oh God have trouble! In the morning to check the site manager to a rage today, the original title of Cai Cai changed the site caused by K

, a catastrophe!

see Figure:


site after the appearance of K, as follows:


was a "trial" is indeed the day before to modify the site title, the front page of the website name change, change the title of the legendary original website is indeed will be the K station! Although many times do sometimes change the version, to change the name of the website, but now Baidu this evening the ratio, it doesn’t matter if you change 37 twenty-one, K! A guide and lessons after manager Cai Cai bow, so wrong since it has been made, small articles from SEO and absorbing Cai Cai dialogue manager in some "fine" get out to let everyone know what to learn, lesson not to do such a foolish thing!

first to share, what is the case for the right to modify the site title?

to tell you the truth, as long as the forming line on the website to change the title is to take more than 80% risk K station, so it is not a special case don’t change, of course, if there is no probability to change the title of the essay today will not be here to change the blind bullshit, you must pay attention not to optimize excessive, such as a the lists of keywords. We know that the title of the site is the name of the site, like a person is a person’s name. Therefore, in the title of the site must be changed as far as possible to rewrite, do not stack keywords


second share, local pilot, down to K risk

change when the action is not too big, do not engage in the reaction of the Baidu come over, thought you have to change the site. Can pilot home page or a column try to change the name of the site, and then change a little bit slowly to change the site name. This can greatly reduce the risk of K site was

third share, "medicine" filling station, renamed

is flawed

is forced to change the title change, of course, is the CAI industry leading everybody angry, but now that things have happened, not angry and hurt the body and find a good agent prescription can come back, then this "medicine" is the original article, the site is K off after the mishap, to see the hurt process, generally through the original articles or to recover compensation station mishap in a few weeks.

fourth share, K station of the war, not anxious not to dry

Since the

site has been K off, do not act with undue haste, perhaps Baidu is in the test, perhaps the website is put into the sandbox for a short time, so in about this for about 1 months, do not make too much optimization, some have SEO at K station after intense make up the chain to buy ah, one day dozens of the original ah, completely disrupted the daily frequency of updates, this is wrong. This makes the search engine more

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