Dai Renguang case sharing how to tap the product can quickly spread out

has been, I think Taobao customer promotion is the biggest problem, I think today to choose products is Taobao off the biggest problem, I think the importance of selection of products like SEO in the choice of keywords, you choose the wrong direction, enormous difficulties will give you the next work. So today, specifically to write such an article, is about the choice of Taobao customers to promote products, how to dig out those huge market competition at the same time a small product?

I can say that

is the first weight-loss product promotion, because before the launch of Taobao, I have a weight class website, just start to lose weight site day dozens of IP, then out of Taobao customers, I didn’t want the past to promote weight loss products, but continued to do fat reduction to my website, of course, some keywords optimization, such as "slimming tea" "slimming products" are gradually up, Ali mother 1/12 was advised me to put Taobao keyword advertising, although I said slowly up, but traffic is not large, a day is one hundred or two hundred IP, can have the effect? 1/12, you know of course put effect, so I slowly study how the weight loss products layout, did not expect to soon have signs, a weight loss product is 50 yuan, or even hundreds of yuan, sometimes a Several days, tasted the sweetness, light weight products of this piece, one month to several thousand yuan income, a subversion of the relationship between traffic and revenue in my mind, because 100 IP website does not calculate what, a month can earn one hundred yuan lucky the.

later my website these keywords go up slowly, with advertising a lot of people, a bit of advertising sales is 2000 yuan / month, even continuous in the package, I use this example, to tell you to do the promotion from the profit of low profit products may not have such a high conversion the. At the same time to pour cold water, you go to Baidu keyword input and weight loss products related to look at, you will find plenty of slimming products, Taobao customers to promote advertising, such as super forum sun sun income experience area, we can often see a lot of weight loss products in some revenue. A website is just a single page only, such a simple website can also earn a good commission, if I was in that environment started slimming products, can get more profits, the increasingly fierce market competition, the high profit products although there is a generous commission, but the people will do more and more, the effect will be getting worse. You can do it. But consider this risk.

The last time the

small brother and we share the Amoy friends do a "promotion software named" analysis, the idea of the small Amoy brother made a finish, I think a product is mainly from four aspects to check, 1) baby 30 days purchase volume 2) promotion Ali mother Taobao guest 3) related keywords Baidu keyword index 4) Baidu search results whether there are many guests to participate in Taobao website, for example I was environment weight of the product, it is very consistent with the 4 points, weight loss products in Taobao.

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