Said Ganji has given up 600 people have completed the abolition of group purchase business

March 9th news (reporter Lu Linjia) according to the sources to the DoNews claimed that the largest local information website make important adjustments to the company’s business, has been completely abandon its group purchase business, the current staff and business restructuring has been completed.

it is understood that the group purchase business Ganji officially launched time is March 16, 2011, after a year of operation, the number of the group purchase department has reached more than 600 people, most of them for channel development, in the total number of Beijing companies reached more than 200 people, the other 400 people around the sub station.

informed sources told the DoNews that the current market, the group purchase service can already confirmed officially abandoned, from the Spring Festival since the original group purchase department of more than 600 people have been abolished after were only transferred to arrange a few, most of the others are dismissed by the company.

contact the reporter informed employees before group purchase department also confirmed the news, the staff said, after the company decided to give up business in the group purchase batches were abolished, the group purchase department employee, this month has been abolished. When talking about the issue of compensation, the staff said that all employees were dismissed in accordance with the national statutory compensation requirements for compensation, the majority of employees said it was able to understand the company’s decision.

it is understood that since the market group purchase online, the total investment amount of nearly 80 million yuan, according to earlier media reports that achieve profitability in the fourth quarter of 2011, which means that all the previous investment capital, according to projections, give up market group purchase business, direct losses will reach 100 million yuan. Public Relations Department official said in an interview with DoNews reporter connect, layoffs this statement is not true, the current group purchase business and the ants short rental business belong to the business sector, who is also the exchange. (end)

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