Double 11 on the eve of the regulatory authorities to read business inhibition no fake don’t brush


in recent years the rapid development of online shopping, but due to the characteristics of the Internet virtual, open and cross regional, network transactions, false advertising, sales of fake and shoddy products, consumer fraud, customer service service without security problems have occurred, a strong response.

source: first financial network

on the eve of "double 11", used to describe the network electricity suppliers are eager for a fight for the state is insufficient. At the same time, the government also should be prepared to meet the challenge, when singing "inhibition".

China Association of individual workers and the State Administration of commodity trading network supervision department in the days before co sponsored by the network operators "integrity of law-abiding" campaign. Alibaba, Jingdong group, shop 1, and other domestic network trading platform, and more than 130 shop operators to participate in the activities of the.

"consumer confidence is the mobile provider shengsixian", darling app founder Qi Yan said in a speech repeated this sentence.

mobile business development speed after 2012, and darling is a purely based on the mobile Internet business platform. Founded in June last year, located in the "hand global goods", is committed to looking for overseas goods by app direct tip to the user, retain customers and achieve high repeat purchase rate is the key to the survival of darling.

"in order to survive, the only way is to make our new customers quickly turn to re purchase customers, but this mode once successful, consumers purchase frequency will far exceed the PC side, how to succeed, the key here is to trust, so trust is the foundation of our mobile business." Qi Yan said.

pig eight quit network is the largest service e-commerce platform. Different from the kind of goods in the transaction, the existence of non standardized products of their own characteristics of service products, sellers and buyers often encounter different situations, which also increased the difficulty of the transaction.

pig network co-founder and vice president Liu Chuanyu said that in nine years by the tired, therefore, pig network real name system and set up strict credit rating system to the business, the credit rating also directly linked to income, once the violation of the provisions, the business level will be reduced to zero, it may lose every month hundreds of thousands of income, will be a serious legal action.

State Administration for Industry and commerce network commodity trading network supervision department director Chen Jiashun reminder, the end is the end of the network promotion network operators in the sales season, refresh record at the same time, carefully combing the previous centralized promotion problems, to prevent concentrated promotional activities become concentrated consumer complaints criticized the hardest hit, adhere to the "integrity of the law. Not selling, not brush", realize the development of quality, content, moisture and no worries.

in recent years, the rapid development of online shopping, but because of the virtual nature of the Internet, open and cross

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