The secret acquisition logic targeting vertical copy mode

yesterday afternoon, HC CEO Guo Jiang and Zhongguancun online general manager Liu Xiaodong development planning and other issues cause two companies mergers and acquisitions after in-depth communication with other media billion state power network. Guo Jiang pointed out that in the days after the development, the two companies will continue to go vertical road, in the industry do severe vertical industry to accelerate the process of B2B2C; at the same time will copy the Zhongguancun online in the vertical industry mode, the first object is the small appliance industry.

Guo Jiang told billion state power network, at this stage, the China in all walks of life, IT, automotive and real estate development in the future, the best Chinese vertical industries will have a lot of opportunities. He and Liu Xiaodong’s conclusion is that the China industry will along the development path of IT, the automotive industry, some industries need three to five years, a long seven years to eight years, but eventually became B2B2C, into the community e-commerce.

for online that the two companies are " weak joint " say, Liu Xiaodong think that these people did not see the momentum of development of the internet. The development of the Internet the first subversion of the media, and then information, reading, games, e-commerce. In fact, there is a larger area is in the B2B industry, the industry is very serious vertical Internet is very low. We accept the layout of the HC in the industry, and Zhongguancun online solution in Internet based information, social networking, and e-commerce is the strongest, the strong complementarity." Liu Xiaodong said.

below for media quiz:

question: Guo Zong, do you think the model can learn from Zhongguancun online, then this model is able to quickly copy the success of it?

Guo Jiang: I think the models are similar, the IT industry is the Internet so fast, more and more low profit margins, manufacturers have to flat channels; in fact, the construction machinery industry is profiteering, but China slowdown in the economy, businesses have compression channels to channels, will no longer be between suppliers and buyers at several layers of the situation.

For example

HC do strong home appliance industry, in fact, when we do small household appliances, there is no place to go (see related information), in fact, eight hundred yuan and twenty thousand yuan for air purifiers there are still differences, but no website to share, you can’t see. The future of the face of the end consumer, whether it is business or individual will have a kind of shopping guide, brand information, class community sites appear to have to do so, do not do this industry will die.

question: (in the copy mode) what specific measures will be


Guo Jiang: small East will soon intervene in the small household electrical appliance industry.

Liu Xiaodong: after the end of the transaction, the two sides together, online and offline, vertical integration of various vertical areas. We will start from the home appliance industry, in this industry accumulation is very deep, there are two trade city, O2O exhibition resources, very complete industrial chain. We will be the industry’s original products, information integration, play >

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