39 yuan of the 3 letter Cn domain name is it going to collapse it

recently in the country’s largest domain name in the forum, there have been several hot posts, "4.cn fetched a price three letters [] has sold", "I feel that 4.cn’s auction bid is illogical ah", "the best 3 letters CN domain in CN 39 yuan photographed!", tells the story of the on May 4th in the 39 yuan gold online shoot wvd.cn domain name. M farmers all know, three letter domain name market price at least two or three thousand a, or even tens of thousands, why make such a low price? In the forum, I searched a CN responsible person explained the post, he said WVD.CN made such a low price is several objective reasons buyers, luck is very good:

1, may day, the majority of investors are still in a relaxed state, rather than as usual, in time to watch in front of the computer is concerned about the auction domain name.

2, the domain name that day the auction ended at 8 pm. And usually, the end of the domain name auction time is usually after 9 pm; most investors are also used to start to focus on this time.

3, some people mistakenly believe that the letter is V V V D;


4, due to the gold net just on the line soon, popularity is not enough, most of the investors are relaxed circumstances, and may get well below the market price of cheap goods by way of auction.

5 the domain name to take such a low price, is a special case, the buyer’s luck!

this interpretation can be established? Many people worry about will the CN domain name is about to collapse, the 3 letter domain name recently from 4000 down to 3000, fell to more than 2 thousand, this is a big diving 39 yuan, will inevitably make some domain investors some reverie.

at present, want to register a good domain name becomes more and more difficult to obtain, can only buy expensive or by way of the auction, we discuss more domestic domain name trading site: domain name city (www.domain.cn), domain name Trading Forum (http://s.bbs.admin5.com) CN (www.goldenname.com), ename (www.ename.cn), www.66.cn (China area network etc.). There are a lot of gold in the 3 letters.Cn/com.cn, online every 4 digital domain name, domain name auction and Pinyin, in the domain of network and network "daily maturity was registered by the domain name is the auction, which is one of the better way is to have a domain name, domain name investors daily net station.

has overnight domain name investors, but more domain name investors became the "domain name collector", spent a lot of money, the investment domain such as go sea, excite a wave.

investment risks, the market need to be cautious, although rare domain names, not all valuable.

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