Google’s acquisition of e commerce shop start up companies BufferBox


e-commerce shop start-up company BufferBox


technology news Beijing time on December 1st morning news, Google said on Friday that the company has acquired the electronic commerce shopping cabinet startup BufferBox, which will continue to provide the service, currently the company’s service is free.

need to point out that this is only the second acquisition of Google’s venture capital fund Google Ventures has invested in the company, the first is the Kevin · (Kevin Rose) founded the mobile startups Milk. Ross is currently a partner in Google Ventures, he led the investment in BufferBox.

this is not in Silicon Valley for internal transaction, BufferBox headquarters is actually in the Canadian province of Ontario in Waterloo, the company consists of 10 employees of the team will be transferred to the local office of Google, and Google Waterloo office and the headquarters of the BufferBox in a big mansion.

Google spokesman said: we want to try to eliminate the friction from the shopping experience, to help consumers save time and money. We think that the BufferBox team has a lot of great ideas on how to do this."

BufferBox’s main business purpose is to let the electronic commerce delivery business has become more and more convenient and quick, the company is facing from the Amazon, eBay, ShopRunner and UPS under the support of Shutl competition pressure. (Tang Feng)

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