ndustry insights do social electricity supplier will be more successful than Taobao

after the 2015 Internet contact for many industries or platforms are more or less some insights. The reason why I write this article is because I think 2016 will be the first year of social electricity supplier. There are a lot of friends may think that do not have a social electricity supplier Taobao is more likely to succeed, just the opposite. Why contact with Taobao’s friends know that now Taobao has reached the level of competition in the extent of the breakdown of the price, we can see the fierce competition. But social electricity supplier, but only a very small number of people do, there is no competition, as long as the product is good, service in place, the basic can be done successfully.


below we look at a "what business can be done in rural areas," the story, this story is in the previous training course instructor (below with "he" instead of the real story around). The story is as follows:

in 2015 of June when he was a low degree of rural relatives to introduce him to work, he recommended to his relatives to do the job of courier. After listening to his relatives, they really went to express. The Spring Festival home, relatives told him that in the first half of this year from the help other people to do their contract, now the average day 400 single business, please two coolie. Although to work 12 hours a day from morning to night, but the profit can be achieved for $5000 a month, which is a very good income for rural people. You know, this is in an average income of only 2000 of the rural areas, and with the increase in the number of customers, the business of his relatives will do better.

A successful counter attack more than

is a rural people, if less educated but willing to endure hardship, do express work is really very good. The instructor after know his relatives with this achievement, to his relatives a trick, is to let his relatives have made WeChat mobile phone screensavers two-dimensional code, see customers directly to scan, then WeChat nickname changed to "express Moumou moumou". His relatives can add up to eighty or ninety people a day, plus his relatives often appear in the circle of friends, so that these customers want to express the first time you can think of him. He later the relative business is better than the list is in a complete mess, could not come.

through this story, we can see that even a person with a low degree of education can also succeed in doing social electricity supplier. It indicates that social electricity supplier is really easy to do, and let a person of rural low education do Taobao is basically a close call. Now Taobao is no longer just a few pictures uploaded to a single product picture, in order to make Taobao would have to select suppliers, select products, competitor analysis, industry data analysis and so on, these kinds of analysis ability is not a low degree of rural people can do to. But social electricity supplier is not the same, you do not need to do a lot of data analysis, just let their WeChat have enough friends to provide services for them, you have to make money.

is the story with the above, because the mobile phone screen made of WeChat two-dimensional code, see the guest.

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