Gem will effectively promote the vertical industry B2B market and ndustry Development

since 2007, the vertical industry B2B has been a great development, the electronic commerce market after the power. This platform has two main features: designed: concentrate all the power to create a professional information platform, including industry features or international service features; deep: this platform has professional unique characteristics, in the continuous exploration will produce many deep and unique service content and the profit model. But the vertical industry B2B has obvious shortcomings, because of concerns of the industry market is too small, the overall size of the development space is limited, such as in the vertical industry B2B developed very good China Chemical Network (more than 80% chemical enterprises is its membership in the chemical industry, originated in the monopoly position, its annual income) only about 80 million yuan; most in an industry leading vertical B2B annual income is only in the range of 10 million ~4000 million.

according to Analysys International Research at the beginning of 2008. The results show that the number of vertical industry B2B companies have a strong connection with the demand of the capital market, there are more than 1/3 of the B2B vertical industry hope can be listed in the next 3-5 years. But for a long time, the vertical industry B2B listing faces many challenges:

is the first European and American economic environment. For Internet companies, overseas listing is a good choice (currently the Internet ten listed companies Netsun only in the domestic market), first of all because the concept of the Internet is recognized, secondly for overseas IPO innovative small and medium enterprises more favorable conditions (such as Nasdaq, Hongkong gem). However, due to the impact of the economic crisis in Europe and the United States, the current overseas IPO greatly increased the difficulty.

followed by the domestic main board listing requirements too high. At present, the domestic economy is in good condition, but the domestic A shares listed more stringent requirements for the annual income of about 10 million ~4000 million vertical B2B threshold is too high.

therefore, Analysys International believes that the domestic launch of the gem, to promote the overall development and vertical industry B2B market will become a good opportunity:

vertical B2B funds mostly from China, its corporate structure and not in accordance with many overseas listing mode to build (such as the entities above there is a holding company), accordingly, the domestic market is their better choice.

in the country to vigorously boost domestic demand policy conditions, the domestic market prospects; vertical B2B mostly focus on the important industries, domestic demand especially some vertical B2B with 10 to revitalize the industry demand, its value will be recognized by the market, the market is very good.

is more important is that the gem for the enterprise IPO threshold greatly reduced, for some leading vertical B2B companies, has reached or is about to reach.

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