From the thunder of the Taobao station SMS reminder to see how to fight opponents

words do not say, first screenshot analysis.


please note that there are two worth considering.

one, the last second of the last sentence, asked him to pat the deal"……. (forget must use Alipay), he is standing in the position of the user, we put ourselves for the sake of users, not only that, against a pat, pat the unsafe.

two, please see the last paragraph two mentions of "quick money", and in the final with the scarlet letter note cheats is fishing website. What does it mean? Obviously, he says it’s not safe. Because fast money can be fishing, Taobao will not.

sum up, we don’t have to study whether there is clearly the apple, whether this is true. But Taobao’s publicity strategy we admire you small webmaster. This article is not the so-called talk with eloquence, but are more keenly aware of, what move than this


above we can learn some small webmaster? Everyone brainstorming. Welcome to visit my website, Wuhu decoration network and author.

A5 this article first. Please indicate.

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