Enterprise website comprehensive evaluation of your enterprise website can get how many points

enterprise website can use a more intuitive way to assess the evaluation, what kind of enterprise web site is considered qualified? Must be sure that many business owners want to know how many points of their corporate website in the end. Through the self diagnosis of the enterprise website to improve the deficiencies, so as to improve the quality of enterprise website, inject new vitality. If you do not currently have their own enterprise to build a website, even a Alibaba, trading, such as hc360.com e-commerce platform is not a business page, I think you must have a smart business owners. When there is no money for their own corporate website is right, just in front of the "enterprise website, is a burden or competitiveness?" said, enterprise website is the beginning of an investment and no direct output of the product. Did not spend this kind of money at that time did not seem to save the cost. But the times of today, we should consider whether to establish a good enterprise website. Should know more about what kind of enterprise website is worth building. If you already have a corporate website, then start the following evaluation it!

Open the Baidu

1 (www.baidu.com), Google (www.google.cn) search engine, input in the shortest possible enterprise name in the text box, waiting for search results, see if your enterprise site appears in the first place? Note that the results should be their corporate Web site information, and have their own enterprise website information not on other sites.

A. enterprise website in Baidu, Google search results page first

B. enterprise website in Baidu, Google search results page two

C. enterprise website in Baidu, Google search results page of the first four

D. enterprise website in Baidu, Google search results on the first page were not found

(!) warm tip: Baidu, Google is the mainstream search engine, Internet users often use these two search engines search engine information. The Internet users in the search for a company’s information may not be the type of complete company name, usually only type the core field search. If it is me, I would also like to beat a few keystrokes can get what I want.

2 enterprise website domain name:

A. short, easy to identify

B. longer, easy to identify

C. is not very good memory recognition

D. has no relevance with the enterprise, and it is difficult to identify memory

(!) reminder: general domain name easy recognition and memory performance to help enterprises have very good promotion effect, especially short and easy to pronounce names especially good. If your domain name is the company’s phone number (unless very good memory), letters + numbers (except in the form of IT168, etc.), not to the enterprise website

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