Massive movie station promotion experience

I’m a movie webmaster, do a lot of movie website, advertise at first only for traffic, just the movie website has massive traffic, but the movie website promotion to more traffic? This is my little to say.

first introduced several films of my website: 08 HD Movie Web: 163: non-toxic movie network online movie network: thunderbolt Movie Network:

We have seen several

sites, although now traffic is not great, but in doing these stations have some of their own ideas of it, to tell you the wrong place, still hope to master webmaster to give much advice, the owners want to help me make Links also thank you very much for your support.

said a couple of crap. Start talking about the main thing.

first, template selection:

Now most of the webmaster

lazy, don’t want to do it yourself, to find the existing template for the existing program, so this time, the station, garbage garbage practices, now a movie station program Marx, first new video, cloud and other series of procedures, are suitable for the movie station, but also have for the acquisition, a key acquisition is simple, but here I am still a piece of advice, the existing stuff is not good, we all get ready, so the network above out of the monotony of things, the search engine will think you are worth? Will record your article to collect your movie? I think included Baidu may have few opportunities to go out, Baidu included feeling I have been very confused, a little luck. Here is the summary of the template can be found, the program can be used, but the hope with some of your own stuff, the simple template change and so on.

second, program selection:

has said some of the popular movie station program, such as Marx, with the people I want to make is, I also use, there are a lot of people blame the program is not good, said the program included is not good, but why do the same procedure with some owners will be included? And you are not included, may not necessarily program some factors, but focuses on or you personally, because the program is dead you are alive, and you program, you can add some slightly in their own procedures, such as published articles, such as some of the commonly used software download page and so on, these are you with others of different search engines. See you have different, possibly to your evaluation will be high. Ha ha personal opinion, he is also very lazy people, hey, so his station is also very bad.

third, link

some people would think to do Links, improve the site value, the more Links is correct, but also the degree and range of garbage station links, or otherwise affect your own, in addition to other aspects of the film range station or >

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