Analysis of the medical industry which marketing mode is still good

said the medical industry network marketing, I believe that everyone is a happy couple. So far, the medical industry is the largest consumer groups Baidu search engine, many hospitals and medical groups have been implanted in the network marketing, many companies have made gratifying achievements. For now, there are still a lot of medical network marketing is still prevalent, such as Baidu bidding, which is still the main force in the promotion of the medical profession". In addition, there are many ways we use, but the real effect, the real benefit for but not too much. The following author Pan Cheng blog for you simple analysis, now the medical industry still benefit marketing what.

: Baidu bidding

from the beginning to the end, Baidu bid has been the focus of medical marketing, money work can not pay attention to it. With Baidu algorithm as well as Baidu’s continuous adjustment of the health care system, so that we have to rely on Baidu bidding this main force". However, with the growth of the medical industry, the direct cause of peer competition is increasing. Do the bidding know, your bid is high, then the ranking on the front, here to see who’s more money. But the money is only the first step, the next to take into account the conversion rate of the problem, can not spend money without conversion, then we spend money on things that have no value. Both to control the cost of the budget, but also to ensure that the conversion rate of the site, which will undoubtedly increase the resistance to continue to advance medical Baidu bid. But if you don’t do it, someone else will do it.

two: website SEO

SEO is not a technical activity, but a test of a person’s loyalty to the industry, your persistence and innovation directly determines your presence in the industry. The medical SEO compared to SEO in other industries the difficulty will be slightly larger, adjusted by Baidu hit, now medical website optimization has shrunk. The normal update of the article and the chain, included and ranking is a strong rise, but now you’re slaving away estimates are difficult to see what results. However, this is not to say that SEO is not available in the medical industry, if not just a part of it, there are still a lot of places available. For example, we build medical brands, improve the station optimization, user experience, etc., these may require some SEO operation.

three: advertising alliance

relative to the previous two points, the value of medical advertising alliance may be weakened. Now, do the most advertising is nothing more than Baidu, Sogou, Google, Baidu, Sogou and Google Network Alliance Network Alliance Network alliance. Advertising alliance is widely spread by way of image advertising to the major sites, so it is not targeted Baidu strong. And I believe that a lot of people in the site, see the unimportant advertising pictures, there will be no click of the desire. Therefore, the direct result of the value of medical advertising alliance is getting lower and lower, due to the limited rate of alliance advertising, so the

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