Personal webmaster do stand feeling content service first

has been there for some time since he decided to be a webmaster. The first decision to write something for my station.

used to be a network company’s Web site technician, to give up a stable income, to do an ordinary small webmaster, seems to be a difficult thing to understand. Everyone asked me the long-term plan, to be honest, in fact, I do not know how I choose to go to the road every step should go.

efforts to do "flow", like some webmaster said, the flow is the site of life, the site of all. But this road to me this just entered " line " the guy is very miserable. Flow did not do the domain name to seal. Think I did not do anything, do not add any advertising alliance, two without any traffic Union, three do not illegal content. On the contrary, the same type of site should be the cleanest.

in fact, I do to the concept of the station or content service first. I think, as a webmaster, every day the first should think should be: what is the value of my site to others? What others want to screen this website? If my website has a better substitute in the same? The idea is that, in fact, we all understand. This period of time to see what others write. Instead of thinking about their original thinking.

what is SEO? I’m not. I’m not going to take care of SEO. Who is to say a word I think I can best represent the current view: no SEO is the real SEO. What is the webmaster is the most important thing at any time to show the best of friends to the audience, rather than some of the spam advertising mistakes.

think, in fact, a lot of ways to manage the site. It must be said, in fact, still want to go out, return to the real social life. So the site itself will have more value, of course, is no longer a profit model to join a certain advertising alliance.

An idea,

finally through my website is: BAIDU search really is the perfect solution to the information retrieval needs and information dissemination needs? There is really a HAO123 cannot have a second HAO123? I will take their stand in the end, and gradually put web services and the actual running. Is a failure, it is difficult to conclude, I will continue to experience the next. Welcome to my website, welcome to cooperate with me on the website. Thank you (think ads don’t look, ha ha)

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