How does the bubble break a startup Listen to what the eight top wind Doushi said

era is different. In April, venture capitalists Bill · Gregory (Bill Gurley) wrote has been discussed in the article is that venture capitalists have in recent months.

some time ago, too many startups get too much investment, and their valuation is difficult to continue. But they are conditional on these investments, primarily to protect investors in the final stages.

Glee said that these companies are now faced with the choice of not much. They can no longer raise funds from the private sector, as the latest round of financing comes with too many harsh conditions. They can not be listed, because their performance is not good enough.

Khosla (Khosla Ventures) venture partner Keith · labouisse (Keith Rabois) said: "in the baseball steroid era, a lot of people can play 30 home run home run, the feeling is not so difficult. But the reality is that almost no one can hit the 30 home run in the case without the use of special drugs. The same is true for startups. When you take steroids, almost no one can start a multibillion dollar reform and innovation."

what will happen then,


BusinessInsider consulting the 8 top venture capitalists, they talked about the future direction of the development of the industry and technology startups views, including start-up company founders, employees and investors will have to bear the pain in the next few years.

1, some founders will find that people who support their startups are not as many as

in the past few years, financing in Silicon Valley is a very easy thing. Venture capitalists have been raising and distributing funds. But now, the private start-up period longer than before, investors face a difficult choice: to invest more money to make existing companies continue to linger, or put the money into a new company

?Khosla Keith ·

venture; rabois said: "I don’t want to say the financing of golden age has passed, but the nutrient price really improved."

Haystack · (Semil Shah Semir; Shah) said: "in quite a long period of time, venture capitalists are always said," we are very friendly to the founder, we will support you as in the past. " You should also see a lot of different funds to entrepreneurs who say, ‘the next round of financing, we will participate in the proportion of investment, but you have to stick to that time"

Shasta Ventures · · Nick Hill; Terry veghte (> Basu;

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