Local classification information website promotion center of gravity

  local classification information website promotion must focus on the online. What is the reason, if you do is a district, even if you do not have the Internet even if the promotion of the Internet to do well, probably 99% of the IP are not local. Do local classification information if it is not a local IP that there is no real significance. So the promotion of the line is the most important, some friends may say that the line to promote the money ah. Then I can only say that you do not have the mind, the promotion can not spend money at the same time, but also to promote the two is the best way. How to do that, I’ll give you an example.

              for example, now it is the summer vacation, many foreign students are studying at home, so we can contact a local large-scale Internet cafes have a CS game or Warcraft or StarCraft. You should be familiar with the process of the game or you are familiar with the process.

a team received 100 dollars per person, a leading website LOGO and domain name T-shirts, race only get the registration fee of around 30% as a bonus, the Internet bar boss talk well should be free. In the middle of the details of the problem here is not set up (such as a little bit of DM advertising ah, there is a popular local forum, post bar advertising point ah). Such a down, popularity, money earned, compassionate hair can also be 2 promotion, Why not?? After do better more, influence is more and more big, so we always have to look forward to the game, OK, brother of your success.

is for an activity, do to improve quality, even earn less, don’t let people think you are a half lost thought of you, today said so much.

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