How to promote the site through speculation

network hype, is the common concern through the network reference or make an event, hot spots and characters caused by Internet users, realize the enterprise brand, product and visibility of the network means, so as to enhance the corporate image, product sales etc.. The site is also officially used to hype the hype associated with the network approach to. Yourself or others through some exaggerated, fiction, that fact means of personal skills, or their products, ideas, website publicity and attract media reports to improve a user behavior in the exposure rate. Our ultimate goal is to promote the site to achieve the promotion of the site, enhance the visibility of the site eventually get economic benefits. The website to promote the basic form: outside in addition to the promotion of soft Wen promotion, blog promotion, forum, etc., to expand the visibility of the site, we must through the media forms of operation is to realize the website hype. The site through the form of speculation to promote the operation needs to do a complete planning. A careless move may lead to naught, serious will cause huge negative impact.

website hype advantage

1, less cost, the effect is significant

2, spread fast and wide

3, interactive, high participation

4, word of mouth publicity speed, strong guidance

website through what form to hype

1, forum hype

as its name implies, that is, through the hype and events in the forum released speculation. Xifeng hype events first and by posting in the forum, causing netizens buzz and dissatisfaction, this post also won a very high hit rate, and is crazy reproduced. Put this event to a climax. Forum hype must choose to have their own potential customers forum, you must choose a very popular forum and authoritative forum. Forum hype, if the operation is good to the lowest cost to get the maximum degree of attention of the audience, so as to achieve the effect of the promotion of the site.

2, topic hype

topic hype is a way of network hype, mainly in the news as a carrier, the use of news topics to attract the attention of the media and the majority of Internet users. As the male version of Fan Bingbing refused to "drag queen" from the topic of speculation by the topic of men, we can see that it is actually contains three hot speculation: "the male version of Fan Bingbing" and "drag queen", "fast men". Do not say the hype behind the hype skills stunning. This topic of speculation has an obvious advantage, it is a lot of communication and attention and bring the effect than ordinary website advertising is now Internet users on the news topic attention far more than concerned about the ads.

3, news events hype

news hype is actually the use of public opinion to create a hot news focus, public opinion hot, people concerned about the event. News events

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