How to really understand the needs of web users two 16~24 years old student groups analysis

                the last time we discussed how to truly understand the needs of site users (a), then you see the second part of the general population: age between 16~18 years old, the reason why this part alone points out, because after graduating from high school, the personnel structure in China it is the so-called differentiation, a part of students graduate to the society, become the direct producers, and the other part of junior / senior high school graduates continue education through various channels to complete the next 3~9 years of study.

often say the 16 year old is the flowering season, the golden age of people, 16~18 years old is the most memorable time in one’s life, here we began to grow, began to form their own independent ideas, values, moral values, more importantly, in the course of three years, will form the first time the structural differentiation of our society in the form of talent.

the so-called social structure differentiation, refers to the social structure, through certain conditions to make some people into the higher levels, and a process of the majority of people are in low levels, resulting in this human class.

and the Admin5 statistics on the Adsense data view, people in this age of the most vulnerable, network scam Wangzhuan scam scam and all kinds of fraud, a market in this kind of crowd.

you can recall, he is not experienced some young frivolous day at this age, remember the big bird in this age, the popular look young and dangerous, it was suddenly spring night, thousands of young and dangerous a, basically every school, every class will be a few outside mixing people claiming to have time to go to my uncle’s police station to find something, see the door squat in a row of 16~17 year old children.

Why is

because of a film, a large number of followers in this age? Mainly due to the crowd, the heart is desperate to be guided, the future of the lost and no independent life before, so that this group of people at this time, very depressed and lack of autonomy.

then in the webmaster’s eyes, these people are really very good to cheat: no social experience, love is strong Chengneng, listen to suggestions, but also the most hope to be able to make achievements group, impetuous character and no foundation of social experience, is also the main source of talent.

third part of the Internet crowd, mainly in the field of college students

this group of college students, if it is my personal evaluation, can only use "mourning their misfortune nuqibuzheng" to describe these unfortunate people in our webmaster, domestic university loose style teaching, so that students have a lot of time on the Internet, and also make huge flow of college students in field always attract the attention of webmaster.

from the great success of the campus network can be seen that these so-called "flowers of the motherland," who usually >

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