A website promotion method learned from a customer

before a few every day to see a client, one at the age of 40 years old, and my mom age aunt, my task is to give her web site keywords ranking, the word Shijiazhuang decoration company do Baidu home! I was talking to her for 2 hours! Chat process I actually heard I learned this method, some optimization promotion specialist does not know! Below by simple about the way I is what


a lot and I like the webmaster is to follow the prescribed order website optimization, and according to your plan is a good start to add keywords import links, for example, my words are construction sites in Shijiazhuang, in the release of the information publicity I wrote Title: Shijiazhuang website construction, website optimization, website promotion this topic! Write very clear, but if you release this message be Baidu included, what are the odds and then the message was found? Even if the weight you publish information on the website again high, I think this piece of information will not be ranked high! Maybe we didn’t think of information will be included in search engines, but if be collected, and ranking is good, some people will search, this is not better!


so I was really excited when I learned this from this aunt, of course you know!

to do the promotion at the same time to the aunt’s website, I have promised her to help her maintain her website, add information, and publish information on the business network, B2B platform, aunt to release information on the content of the request, the release of information is forwarded from her own blog for her! Said in the blog contents are original, but also to add links, and links to a web site to bold display of special words!! I know it! It is easy!


is today I want to say, aunt then give me a list, it is a series of questions, each containing three long tail keywords, she said, when you publish information according to these questions! Because search "Shijiazhuang decoration company" of many people, but I found these words have, as long as you release information was collected, usually in the home! So if you are browsing information, and then you add the information released a link to your website, so your products and service is to see the


is a very effective method, I tried, you might as well try! Radish provided, reproduced please indicate www.sjzzx123.com thank you!

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