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A few days ago,

wrote a "local community promotion combat Sina" everyone good response, some friends say "that is easy, difficult to start with" I want to say, as long as you do, you are sure to succeed. Now I write some offbeat promotion method of the local community, offbeat promotion method, recognition of poetry, is not using conventional methods to promote, and the use of some other negative and offbeat method to promote.

one, online alternative promotion.

1, reverse propaganda.

I have no intention to see in our local Post Bar a post "on a business network and enterprise site" this post is a result of the insiders to write, we put the disadvantages and problems in local station business network self-service enterprise to write out all cheap, why cheap, what disadvantages with this website. Is this article written by peers. The purpose is to combat this low-cost enterprise site style, the results of this article not only did not affect the site, but played a very good publicity. There are many thousands of articles, the business support network. So I think it is a good effect of the reverse publicity hype.

2, the selection of voting promotion.

I found. People are too strong to the site of the 2 domain name to do a polling station. And a number of well-known businessmen engaged in a beauty contest. Set some prizes, a lot of women to participate in activities. All like to vote their own pages connected to the hair, called a vote for him. This will form a zombie, let others to help you a lot of publicity. Propaganda effect is really there, we have a local site has a successful case.

3, hype propaganda

I am in the promotion of our community site, we took a few photos of our local lighthouse, back to the company with PS for processing, the Lighthouse of the Deng column processing. Only one of the lights in the sky. And the lamp is like a ufo. So I made a post in our community. Write "this afternoon work, accidentally shot UFO and then go to the group around the connection, many person replies, many people reproduced. Later found Baidu UFO also have that piece of my post, more funny when people can not find the master PS PS, and then out there. Very funny. Publicity has also reached.

two, offline promotion.

1, alternative street beat

A few days before the

on the Internet to see a offbeat promotion posts, I feel very good, is to buy a spider man in the Taobao on the clothes, do a placards in the advertising company, write your website advertising, looking for a part-time, or his own personal battle, spider man wearing this clothes. Take the placards in the riot area, this return rate is not one hundred? You find pictures of people is not a lot. The cost is not high, the advertising effect is very good.


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