Novice shop selling what to make money

a lot of friends for Wangzhuan understanding still remain in the "Taobao shop" level, of course, Taobao shop is actually a kind of Wangzhuan, but now is not the golden age, Taobao market has been close to saturation, new sales of ordinary goods, it is difficult to succeed, then, to share with you some simple for novice operation the product, how we want to help.

, a popular film and television, music


as shown above, this is a focus on Guo Degang’s Web site in the station of Guo Degang contains a variety of audio and video, however, are playing alone, and start with advertising, some fans may wish to download mobile phone to browse, no advertising media, then, where there is market demand.

sales of products, that is, these virtual media, want to bulk download ad free Guo Degang latest and most complete audio and video, you can join the paid VIP.

on Taobao sales of such products, to be exact, is the service.

operation of such projects, need to have a certain ability to build website construction, for example, forum, website, SEO, and other basic ways of promotion, traffic concerns, natural transformation, are virtual products, as long as the price is not very high, people will buy.

, two primary and secondary schools making up


for the parents, the child is the continuation of life, he may be reluctant to spend money, but for the children of the investment, especially the absolute willing, then, there are a variety of training, in Taobao, can sell a variety of training course.

As for the

promotion, can use SEO means to optimize the "college entrance examination review materials" and other words, or add some QQ group, or go to the orientation of the forum, such as "college entrance examination" Baidu Post Bar, styled students and parents, as long as you speak not to the point, the general conversion rate will be poor.

related recommendations on how to use the QQ list subscription database

data for primary and secondary schools, payment is usually related to parents, corresponding to the target customer, need to pay attention to, in addition, thinking can spread, for example, students will have four English examination data, video tutorials and so on, can be sold.

three, DIY technology and product


then the commodity market to enhance the degree of, people seem to chase the new in order to be different "goods, for example, Valentine’s Day gifts of love fits, more and more critical, Taobao to buy an ordinary gift on Valentine’s day than a DIY gift more interesting.

so, you can sell DIY on Taobao

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