Marketers splitting your thunder is on the way


China’s good voice this year, 4, I and some people just like to see the public. 7 bird’s nest peak night, who won the championship no one seems to care about. More and more people see that have a history of the most expensive advertising label (30 million), the blessing Chinese good tongue little China, 11 star, audio-visual style kichiku 60s astronomical advertising, on the second-hand car, excellent letter.


(video we must have rolled over many times, I will not put)

circle of friends of the ad response mostly Tucao mouthing, excellent letter advertising idea too too low force. The results of the Millennium tiepifengdou ad, I found that we wronged the excellent letter. This is the beginning of the advertising industry collective tribute melatonin



wood teacher in the subsequent review of ad said, a lot of people shouting the melatonin selling style of advertising is not suitable for the present age, and excellent letter ad after the influence of the data, the advertisement to be remembered, at least a major success. But there are still a lot of people like me, this kind of advertising physiological nausea and reverse.

we read Ogilvy, warned people not to design advertising unwilling to give your family to see advertising. At the University of advertising courses, the teacher let us understand the delicate feelings of nostalgia southern black sesame paste, embellish the melodious. We longs to make good advertising creative blockbuster, is the last match for ten years of brainwashing and cramps and ran melatonin.

how long did not see a touch of domestic advertising. Try to recall that you remember the advertisement and some because of emotional resonance, rather than funny style, mysterious music. It is the distortion of the eyes of the advertising world, or the world of advertising people with biased.

Internet era, it was concluded:, boring and free is the three network productivity, combined with three, basically can explain all the network hot events. "Out of control" also gave away: most popular content must be close to the superficial, to spread; the hand piece, popular speculation events detonated on multi user "primary afflictions" wrong meet. In this way, it seems that the Internet has lowered the IQ of people.


and we give hillshade produced "Nirvana in Fire" capital: praise hillshade, Chinese opera can be. For the "Sherlock" trouble scraper, voluntary return "to" wu-k’ung when tap water.

as his director Tian Xiaopeng said: now what the movie Chinese hype to find some point, what we have here? Can really move people or people on the domestic animation of goodwill, may be suppressed for too long, see a makeshift, excessive praise.


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