How to become a star On the growth path of star

everyone wants to get the attention of others, a dream of every person who wants to be the star of their own industry, since 2014 since the media to create a star, so that everyone can have the opportunity to become a star industry.

how can you be a star, a micro-blog, a WeChat, a QQ space, a network of contacts,

?A log

said Qin Gang teacher published each individual in the mobile Internet and social media era is a self media, every piece of content you have posted in an advertisement, every advertisement is your content, you only affect people differently.

wants to become a star since it is not so easy, not just a WeChat update, so simple, the most basic is to insist, insist that every one you think to share valuable articles for your fans and superior execution, every day do you think of the value of the article to share more the platform, such as QQ space, today’s headlines, 360 from the local media, a large number of users gathered. Do both believe you have a self star potential, to become self star is not so easy, but also need more difficult way to go, to find your loyal fans to interact with them, give them a certain return, let your fans for you so that you have the opportunity to become propaganda a is accepted from the star.

of course you can rely on the promotion of free become a star, but need to spend more energy to do with some expert pay circle is a shortcut, let the expert recommend you, make you faster is this is not what can not be known.

is the current push each one of the most popular free fans to find some form of promotion, the same with his friends from the media to do propaganda, everyone, this can bring each other to attract fans to become their own fans, you give fans introduced people from the media better, fans would not leave. It will pay more for you, the fans also need throughyour understanding more expert to improve themselves, so when the recommended choice is very important.

finally returned to the theme, since the star’s growth path is summed up, adhere to the implementation, sincerity, contacts, stick to your position in the direction of execution, in which each detail, sincerely treat every loyal fans of you, Zhang Tuo more disposed to make connections.

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