Discussion on website planning

The new site to

for the first time, web page open speed users can tolerate up to 6 seconds, if you open a web page for more than 6 seconds, then the 85% users will go away from you, but second times it is difficult to let users on your site.


1, website space to buy some fast or form a good reputation IDC.

2, the site is best to double the line or with the site where the user’s geographic analysis using Netcom or telecommunications.

3, web size control within 100kb.

two, within 6 seconds to tell the user what the site is to provide

when a user opens a new web site, if you do not know what the site is in 6 seconds, then the user will click on the upper right of the page X, and then leave.


1, a description of the site in the title of the website.

for example: "and the site planning agency provides website planning solution" for the enterprise, then the user will know after this website is provided service for enterprise web site planning.

2, the head of the web site attached to this site to distinguish between other web sites. (page header includes LOGO, BANNER)

For example: "

Chinese first website planning professional institutions | 5 years practical experience in site planning | 12 site planning expert team of more than 300 enterprises | website common choice".

3, in the web site to inform users of the site’s features or ideas.

for example: "and site planning concept: located in the" marketing plan ", will always run through to the user as the center, the profit model is the result of the planning guide website


three, within 6 seconds to allow users to find their own link entry

web page is open, the user also know what the site is doing, but the user will think this site is suitable for me? Can you solve the problem?


1, user segmentation.

when you run a website, you must know what kind of group the site is facing and what they need.

For example:

and site planning agencies user segment:

(1) have ideas, no site

(2) has a website, no flow

(3) flow, no sales

(4) has sales, no brand

for these four types of users in this paper has been top, it is easy for users to find their own need to link to the entrance, making it easier to get users into


2, business segmentation.


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