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editor’s note: in the content is king today, many companies have begun to invest a lot of time and resources to do content marketing, but the effect is often not satisfactory. How to do a good job of content marketing? Coleman founder of content marketing website Contently share he summed up in the years of work experience in content marketing experience in this paper, which he will experience is divided into 9 rule, I hope to inspire the content marketing and content marketing practitioners.

in the content is king today, do the nine rules of content marketing (above)

rule five: make sure that there are readers, you can not release the contents of the marketing in the vacuum.

there are a lot of start-up companies spend a lot of time and money to build their own content platform, and eggs, because the contents of their own without any reader. It’s like you were holding a Party, but no one came. This is a very painful thing.

there are two ways to avoid this sad situation. If you have enough money, you can consider spending a little more money to buy a bit of traffic, and then learn how to keep readers on this basis. If the funds are tight, you can be in some of you may already have some readers free content publishing platform a marketing, such as Medium and LinkedIn, and start your engine on the basis of content marketing.

spend money may be the fastest way to successful content marketing, of course, if you do the right way to pay content marketing. As long as you allow yourself to spend every penny of the value can be maximized, and to learn in the process of things to iteratively optimize the marketing methods, so the use of Facebook, LinkedIn and Outbrain channels to pay for the reader is no problem. This requires you to quickly make assumptions about the reader’s reading preferences, so that you will be able to test the assumptions you make every day and quickly discard the false assumptions.

thoroughly sort out all the tools and channels you can use right now. For example, when Contently was founded, the company’s co-founder Shane Snow has been writing for the Wired magazine and technology blog Mashable. When appropriate, he wrote some articles in Contently can not only mention this product, sometimes can even add Contently in some articles in the blog The Content Strategist marketing website links. Shane Snow through this method for the company’s Web site to bring the initial batch of traffic.

so you have to dig deep. You may know some influential micro-blog big V, then might as well find ways to let them help forward on micro-blog >

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