A complete set of QQ group marketing program with unlimited plus friends artifact

friends that do this gray industry, to want to optimize the site through the black hat SEO, but also take into account the cost of technical problems, it is more difficult to achieve, but I gave him a set of QQ group marketing plan, see he recently performed fairly well, have obviously, so here to share out.


do you QQ QQ group marketing which based on your friends, when you create a QQ group, no one could not wait to join, join in the promotion, China, have a herd mentality, more people around, there are more people watching, so the need to start with some basic friends to the bottom of the crowd.


here to share a add unlimited QQ friend APP, download the key is free, non-toxic, downloaded to the mobile phone inside after installation, according to the prompts, simple operation, the blog also has this software tutorial, this article is not to be introduced. At the same time with this software, the foundation of friends will be resolved.

download address: http://s.pan.baidu.com/s/1eQo2RRG

password: pc5d

QQ group ranked

This is the

I use the first one, using QQ group to lead people to join ranks, but the other is gray industry, QQ group there directly shielding such word ranking, but for our regular industry, this method is very effective.


as shown above, light search the word "flower chanting" one day, thousands of people, ranking in the flow of people home more or less there are hundreds of QQ group, there is also talk about the basic rules of the QQ group ranking.

grade: Needless to say, group registration is better, to the group registration up to a few rules about.

1, to complete the group information, upload custom group heads, labels of not less than 1, introduction of not less than 30 words.

2, the number of photos within the group of not less than 3, the file is not less than 2.

3, the number of groups > 50, the number of people directly to the number of upgrade to LV2.

4, the number of groups > 100, the number of people directly to the number of upgrade to LV3.

5, the number of groups > 200, the number of people directly to the number of upgrade to LV4.

6, the number of groups > 400, the number of people directly to the number of upgrade to LV5.

group activity: when you are in search of a group, there will be a ranking according to the degree of activity, in fact, the default ranking also has a definition of activity, regardless of whether the activity is the default >

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