Human body art photography network was forced to shut down pornography

in recent 1 months, organized outdoor mannequin photography contest "human photography artist" Mao Jian very fire, after the network operating costs of launching sites, the site suddenly became a "porn", was forced to close network operators. Yesterday, Mao Jian came to the Yuhuatai District People’s court, the prosecution service.

"artist": how is human art

Mao Jian told reporters, "the human body photography art" is a photographer, art lovers learning and communication platform, and provide information dissemination activities, "this site is a major learning website, except for professional internal communication, ordinary citizens can also browse the site, appreciate the beauty of body art. I did not expect such an art website, network operators will be as a porn site, was forced to close down more than half a month. At the beginning of March, I and some famous national body art photographer, created this website, 429 yuan fee paid to the space of a famous Nanjing network technology company agents at the time, the use of time for 1 years. Unexpectedly, the site has just run a few days, was forced to close in March 27th. I asked the network operator, job number 8010 reception staff to give me 4 reasons to close the site, a received network monitoring department notification requirements closed, think the site suspected of spreading pornographic photos; two is not numbered; three is the telecommunication department also received notice of censors ordered to shut down; four is no record in the telecommunications sector. I found the public security bureau network monitoring department, the Department of telecommunication, have confirmed that the site is not suspected of spreading pornographic pictures."


website screenshot


opened, but also to restore the reputation of

yesterday afternoon, the reporter interviewed Ms. Li Nanjing responsible for a network technology company, she told reporters: "the company and built created body art website does not have direct business relations, both through agents to handle, 429 yuan is charged by agents. The company that created the body art website built hair playing a legal edge ball, between body art and pornography, difficult to discern. Most importantly, the telecommunications sector does not have the record number of the site." But Ms. Lee said that after closing the site for more than and 20 days, to consider whether or not the human body art photography is pornographic photos controversial, and the site record number also had, in April 15th to restore the site. Mao Jian said that the purpose of his prosecution in addition to restore the reputation of the loss of the site, to restore the reputation of the human body model.

professional police: not pornographic photos

in order to confirm whether the human body art photography pictures on the site belong to pornographic pictures, the reporter found the Nanjing Municipal Public Security Bureau of professional police identification. The police said, according to the provisions of the "publication management regulations", the human body art photography pictures no naked erotic scenes, no amplification of exposed body organs, the expressions of the characters natural, not tease, seduce manners, therefore does not belong to pornographic photos.

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