2011 Jiangsu nternet webmaster conference speech two

The last time the

to share the Jiangsu province 2011 internet conference guests wonderful speech, today we bring you the meeting after half a guest speech. The second half equally brilliant, gathered in a number of local community websites to guests on behalf of the majority of owners, share a lot of dry cargo.

Comsenz product marketing manager Zhang Qing speech

Zhang Qing speech: Thank you moderator, I sing products for Zhang Qing, I am from the webmaster to do it step by step, I venture is the failure of the webmaster, why is my business, because in many Internet is in a meeting in Beijing, there are many guests about Internet opportunities, how to earn millions at that time, millions of college graduates, more impulsive, will go into business is not the case, not so happy, easy to see millions.

predecessors said the process of entrepreneurship need contacts and experience, their meaning is to let you go with them, to ask the exchange name card, today will be on support units or partners, we have strong communication, I often ask brother asked the media what my earliest time of technology knows nothing, I was behind the members later inside into a group, a station master to help me build a website, and received three thousand blocks. Here today to Jiangsu, Jiangsu Internet environment based on my work experience in Kang Sheng, I will be in the country’s industrial park also met many people, I found that the environment is getting better and better in Jiangsu, including Xuzhou’s large industrial park, Jiangsu in this area is very developed, there is a large number of Jiangsu business, for example A5, we can study more, when in private, fish brother often said to me, want to help the webmaster, whether technology or other, I can not help other live in the capital, I do so long, I do most of the time more than and 100, I also painted Baidu, later did the electricity supplier website, I bought a cloud host, is a very simple webmaster, here I met a lot of friends, and fellow, I tell you today is the theme of this morning to think of it, from the business perspective See operation.


need? Before that content is king, I want to say, what is the content after the king? Share time, I think the most important is the user, the user’s activity or return rate, from this perspective, for you or other advertising is very important, the first web mining some data on the amount of registered users increased by 40%, the user return rate increased by 30%. The second site is also the same as his new user registration will be more than 80% of the direct landing QQ, just like Kun said, we are very good friends in private, all products are supported.

webmaster in accepting our interview, share a few small experience, it doesn’t write, he said a few points, the first point of the deepest impression is good, pay attention to sharing websites, this website will share, QQ landing well, new users they have so many back then. This there is also a lot of data.

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