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China Electronic Commerce Research Center released a report that, as of the first half of this year, China’s online shopping users has exceeded 100 million people, equivalent to every one of the 3.38 Internet users in the online shopping. Online shopping market size reached 103 billion 460 million, an increase of 08 in the first half of the year high of 94.8%. In addition to natural factors of industry growth, financial crisis on the development of online shopping market Chinese has played a certain role, because of the financial crisis make consumers more sensitive to price, so online shopping has the price advantage will become important to attract users.

it is reported that in 2008, China’s e-commerce market turnover reached 3 trillion and 150 billion yuan, of which B2C and C2C online shopping transactions reached $150 billion. This figure is still expanding, the first half of 2009, China’s online shopping market size exceeded 100 billion yuan, reaching 103 billion 460 million, an increase of 08 in the first half of rapid growth of 94.8% in the second half of the year increased by 37.8%. Based on the above figures, some experts believe that the first tier cities with its good resources and environment and user base has become the online shopping center, the development of online shopping market tends to mature and saturated. Two or three line region will become the main driving force of China’s online shopping market in 2009, which also ensures that the online shopping market continues to maintain rapid growth trend.

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, B2C shopping network as an important part of the third party electronic payment, and airline tickets, B2B e-commerce, Internet insurance and other new areas, to become the electronic payment market growth engine.

Europe and the United States and South Korea and other countries more than

2/3 users compared to online shopping, shopping is not Chinese potential users are fully released, the online shopping site should strive to create a more simple shopping online shopping platform, reduce the threshold, so that every people will be online shopping online. Benefit from the economic situation as well as the enthusiasm of online shopping, online payment transaction volume growth huge space. The increase in online shopping has also led to the development of related industries, the prosperity of IDC has a close relationship with the online shopping. Double room, security policy is to provide the technical support for the identity of the hero behind the scenes, as the scale continues to expand, the network technology and information security will also put forward higher requirements B2B. (source: http://s.www.qy.com.cn)

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