Happy net website virtual game spawned network anti loserunion

51 on the eve, due to excessive indulgence in the online community games, stealing food addiction, Wuhan Shen was diagnosed with a mild neurasthenia, need to rest at home for a week. During the holidays, his condition improved with the adjustment of the state.

happy network, campus network and other network community developed to steal food, vegetables, grab spaces, slave trade, racing, dog and other virtual game so many game player lost, even put it to work.

they are called "network family houses". In April 19th, consists of 20 enterprises "anti loserunion" stand out.

"steal" away health and friendship

at the age of 25 to 35 year old office crowd is the network of community game fans, most of them are on the way to steal food.

in the game, Mr. Shen appears in the virtual vegetable vegetables fruits, ripe and friends can also steal, steal food or protect their cuisine is one of the most interesting little competition. "When I first started playing, I was playing a game. I calculated the mature time of a friend’s vegetables, a good alarm clock, often climb up at two or three in the middle of the night to steal, steal and then go to sleep." Soon, the success of stealing food to eat vegetables into his pressure. A month later, he appeared insomnia, lack of appetite, mental condition is getting worse, had to go to the hospital inspection, the diagnosis is long time pressure causes moderate neurasthenia, need to rest for one week at home.

Zhang was also very keen on vegetables, and later found some friends playing a little too. He is in the office and sat face to face sweet girl very quiet, but in the game set in the prompt is actually "stealing food stealing food budehaosi". Komori is more powerful, all friends vegetable maturity time with Excel record, and then time to steal, but also on some of the latest games, let your own vegetables, stealing food revenue maximization. "I think it’s kind of scary." Zhang admits, colleagues usually do not seem to appear in the side of the game, the relationship seems to be alienated, and even each other’s awareness of theft are more or less brought to life."

do not steal the cause and school

April 19th, bapima media network joint 20 Internet enterprises spontaneously formed a "anti loserunion", the statement of enterprises will be the "network houses family supervision, education, warning, incorrigible will be dismissed, the annual layoffs target of 2 to 15 dollars. As of now, according to incomplete statistics from various community forums, new companies registered more than 300, and the "anti loserunion" is working with the university students will contact, to attack the "student family houses", also directed against the internet.

"anti loserunion" promoters, bapima media network general manager Huang Xiangru believes that the "family network houses" is not only confined to the office crowd, college students.

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