Net letter office issued WeChat ten WeChat meter chat and other background real name

yesterday, the state Internet Information Office held a press conference to release the Interim Provisions on the development and management of instant messaging tools public information services. Provisions shall be implemented as of the date of promulgation, and regulate the public information service of instant communication tools represented by WeChat. Among them, the requirements of instant communication tool service users through the identification of the authenticity of the registered information. Non news unit, news website, other public accounts without approval shall be published, reproduced current event news.

JINGWAH Times reporter Liu Xueyu Liao Feng

users must be real name registration account

"instant communication tools public information service development and management Interim Provisions," a total of ten, on the instant messaging service providers, users of the service and the use of conduct norms.

according to the requirements, instant communication tool service providers should obtain the relevant provisions of laws and regulations. Instant communication tool service providers engaged in public information service activities, should obtain the Internet news information service qualification.

according to network information office, responsible person, provisions of the alleged instant communication tools, mainly refers to WeChat, micron, easecredit, contacts, m chat, unfamiliar street, while other types of Internet based spectrum, especially for the end users of mobile Internet provides instant information exchange service applications.

provisions clearly, instant communication tools service providers should implement the safety management responsibilities, establish and improve the system, compatible with the scale and service professionals to protect user information and privacy of individual citizens, and consciously accept social supervision, timely processing of the public to report illegal and unhealthy information.

rules also require instant communication tools service providers should follow the background real name, the voluntary principle, require instant communication tools and services through the true identity of the user authentication information registered account. Instant communication tools service users registered account, it should enter into agreements with service providers instant communication tools, commitment to comply with laws and regulations, the socialist system, national interests and the legitimate rights and interests of citizens, public order, social morality and authenticity of information, such as the "seven line".

violation of the communication tool will be limited

for instant messaging tools public information services. The news media, news websites open public account can be published, reproduced political news, Internet news information service qualification to obtain non news organizations to open public account can be reproduced political news. Other public accounts without approval shall be published, reproduced current event news. Instant communication tool service provider shall publish or reprint political news accounts raise public identity.

also requires instant messaging service users engaged in public information service activities, should comply with the relevant laws and regulations. In the event of a breach of the agreement of the instant messaging service users, instant messaging service providers should be taken as a warning to the circumstances, restricted release, suspend the update until the closing >

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