After the United States Facebook in Germany began testing message filtering tools

Beijing time on January 16th morning news, Facebook confirmed to the financial times, the company will be in the next few weeks to test the news filtering tool in Germany, to ease the possibility of false news may affect the federal election.

, like the United States, German users can also be labeled as false news of a news, and then sent to the third party verification. If the message is not true, Facebook will be flagged, refused to give priority to display the content, and will be ready to share the contents of the user issued a warning.

is not sure whether other countries will deploy this approach, but the company said they really consider expanding the scope of application of this feature.

Germany is the ideal place to deploy the project outside of the United states. Facebook has enough financial power to start the project, because Germany is going to issue a law against false news adverse sites impose heavy fines and may therefore have no small impact on Facebook.

Germany has recently faced the impact of fake news, including an anti immigration report falsely accused of being burned by the church and raped a Russian girl.


allowed this kind of false news, the country may stimulate xenophobia, and even have an impact on the election results.

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