More net data leakage has been confirmed from all mop com database stolen



data breach warcry was confirmed

after the domestic well-known programmer website CSDN, several members of the site database have been reported stolen information, including, 17173, play tennis,, 7k7k, 178 cattle, doodle game network etc..

"IT times" reporter in December 22nd a member exclusive access to the database file, the number of members involved in more than 8 million. Reporters randomly selected 10 users, the use of the database password login, the results of half of the user account can log on.

At the same time, the

reporter also received a picture file, the file shows more net,, toot toot ox 178 games, and 7k7k, CSDN and many other sites database file screenshots, relates to the amount of user data of more than 50 million.

6 million CSDN user password stolen

December 21st, there are users on the Internet to open the CSDN user database, and provide download. It is reported that the database involves more than 6 million users, involving user accounts, passwords and registered mail and other information.

CSDN website subsequently issued an official announcement that the recognition of the database theft is true, and apologized to the user.

said the announcement, the stolen database is used as a backup in 2009 CSDN, and now, the cause of the leak has not yet been identified.

CSDN has been reported to the public security organs, the public security organs are also investigating clues, CSDN said the existing 20 million registered users account password database has been taken to protect the ciphertext and backup.

is more than the website user data leakage

21 evening, the reporter received a message sent over the happy network, to remind the user name and password if consistent with the CSDN, then change the password as soon as possible.

22 in the morning, a netizen said,, 17173, play tennis,, 7k7k, 178 cattle, doodle game network and many other sites are members of the database have been stolen, and released a download address on the network. However, the reporter found that these addresses have been invalid after the trial can not be used.

22 in the afternoon, a reporter came to the master "has been popular in hacker circles in more net member database, reporters randomly selected 2 user username and password, and then log in more than 10 other sites, found in many situations can log in. That is to say, the user with the same username and password on multiple sites registered, in addition to play outside the network, other sites are all leaked password.

Reporter notes


website, please tie the fence


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