Me and Vc’s story 5 can’t say the secret

in the pen at the same time, I always think in the past, in fact, chase VC in some extent but also in the pursuit of desire, it is such a desire, the crazy

07 years, looking at the bank lying about 5000000 in cash, with a smile after a year, every day looking forward to the second day wake up staff came back, can begin to let go.

finally looked forward to the lunar new year 16, expected to work on the first day, came an old lady, let me pay her 80 thousand dollars. Suddenly fainted, after an hour of communication to understand, she is from Tianjin, he received a phone call in 05 years, "said a wine group will visit the NASDAQ in June 06, after the listing of earnings growth of at least 99 times, the old lady had heart, bought 80 thousand shares. The results showed that the delayed, finally to check to know that this is a hoax. The old lady looked at our office is a wine group, although the brand, but still think we are a group of. Suddenly understand a wine group history, thinking back home, what is the risk with the money or the rapid development of investment return? Night and night of insomnia, and finally decided to find new funds, the money to cheat, spend the heart is uneasy.

through 4-5 communication, each other finally agreed to withdraw. When faced with a new problem, upgrade the server and bandwidth spent 300 thousand how to do?

finally decided to sell, although caused a small family conflicts, but today look back behind bars in the wine group mister, feel that their decision is correct.

people have their own bottom line, the company is also, often in the face of choice when I always stick to their bottom line, I believe they believe, often this is a force.

" Shouzheng surprisingly " and this saying is, until once, have the opportunity to contact a member of the Standing Committee of Xi’an municipal Party committee, and later have the opportunity to ask him to write an inscription, my first reaction is the sum of the 4 words in the company, as a kind of encouragement and motivation of their. Although I was not able to do so, I am still very sincere to share this experience with you.

for me, can not forget the friends who came along the way, thanks very vulgar, but had to say:

U9 in the development of that period of time is not smooth, their timely assistance:

Chen Yizhou in his busy schedule for two times to accompany me to chat late into the night, good. Let me be touched is, for a fledgling personal webmaster, his Chen Yizhou peace and tolerance, I admire


Tencent Sales Vice President Liu Zhaoyang used the whole afternoon time, told me not to mind taking the trouble the company’s operation and development, without reservation to a growing company to guide, let U9 at the foot of the road Gengping;

is the development of their U9 icing on the cake:

Li Shanyou went to.

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