Time to close the famous movie website allegedly related to jurisprudence

well-known movie website time network suddenly closed in 14 days this month, causing many users regret and speculation, although the site has been closed, but the time is still in the network’s official micro-blog update, October 23rd, through its micro-blog time network had responded: "for everyone, I have the inconvenience reply."

because of the time there are frequently online criticism of domestic film articles, users have to guess the closure may be related to the protection of domestic film policy, but according to the Nandu Times reporter, because the network is to stop the analysis on the domain name of the domain name provider network and are forced to close, the domain name query by the state as "clientH old" (pause analytical).

all staff told reporters in Nandu, nets is notified of the Beijing communications administration, said the "time network pornography, obscene, and stop the analysis of the domain name, the staff also told reporters that the notice did not clear the analytical recovery period," if you want to restore, must go to Beijing City Communications authority or ministry."

famous film critic website suddenly shut down or because of sharp comments

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