Through the network for mask nternet business how to worldly wise and play safe

Internet online shopping has become a mainstream trend in consumption, although the store still occupies a large consumer market, however, the Internet online shopping has increasingly become the mainstream consumer market, which will further promote the development of the Internet business, Internet business because there is no rent, no store consumption causes the goods cost and prices have decreased, but behind this phenomenon is also mixed with some fake commodities, online shopping has become a big hidden trouble, the recent network special "has become a hot topic in online shopping, using the name" network for "under the banner of shoddy goods edge ball, has increasingly become the main power to promote the economic development of the electricity supplier the electricity supplier network, through special", let the quality of goods on Sunshine Avenue, is the whole Important direction of the development of the Internet electricity supplier.

network special online shopping family


network has been the main force of online shopping, more and more network owners look for online consumer, the main advantage is not only convenient shopping experience, the most important should be the entire Internet network sales price, price is the primary factor influencing consumers to buy products, affordable price of network has led to a number of loyal consumer users and, according to the 58 media advertising alliance data show that in recent years, the development of online shopping online shopping very quickly, the scale is increasing year by year, 2013 has reached 1 trillion and 850 billion, growth of more than 40%. Online shopping has become an important factor in stimulating the Internet economy, the network has become the main means to conquer the consumer desire to buy, choose online shopping has become an important part of the entire consumer.

"network quality special" edge ball stunt

The advantage of

network business in the price has become the most important weapon to the development of the electricity supplier, the entity store can not be compared, but with the electricity supplier operating costs increase, the network has become the main driving force for the development of the electricity supplier price war, however, the network for the same product with different quality caused by the phenomenon of industry concerns, on the one hand is the whole the network for the price was low, but the quality is far behind the same paragraph of goods not on-line store, on the other hand, this behavior itself is a kind of commercial fraud, rely on this network dedicated contribution as inferior products the shield, to a certain extent on the network for a network of fake goods in the camp, so although, the network for the price is cheap, but the quality supervision behind it should be the development of the whole industry norms.

from the network for

is just a transitional stunt.

for the network for it, because the market development is not full, online shopping this shoddy marketing gimmick but it can hardly be avoided, the development of the Internet business, the network for just a transition period of development of the Internet online shopping, online shopping is not the long-term development of the Internet network for support, only the reasonable development of Internet marketing, to ensure the Internet online shopping market share in a reasonable range, the network for short in the price advantage.

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