The secret of Electronic Commerce Five Principles of forum marketing

forum marketing, is one of the common means of community marketing. Forum marketing skills, network marketing is one of the essential links. This article to reveal the forum marketing Insider:

a, the customer does not choose your reason is what?

each participating in the network marketing people have a question: what is the sale of the reason? What is said or customers to choose your products and services is the fundamental reason? The price too high? Quality is not good? The service is not in place or on the website? Lack of target customers


no! These reasons are wrong! The reason why customers don’t choose you is that he doesn’t trust you!

two, what is the reason for your customers to choose


community marketing depends on the trust of people. What is the trust of the customer is your recognition, is the brand, is the word of mouth, to solve this problem needs to gradually cultivate their own brand in the customer groups. A good tool is the forum, where you can build their own customer recognition.

foster brand through the forum, different from the traditional marketing, it is based on human trust and recognition. This recognition depends on the degree of professionalism and affinity.

remember one thing: the customer chooses you because he or she likes you!

three, forum marketing of the five principles

forum marketing, we should pay attention to the following five basic points:

knowledge is better than advertising: let customers know you, the first step is to recognize you in a professional. Advertising to do soft too soft! For their own professional field, deep to dig through with a simple language for everyone to express, this is a very powerful marketing tactics. Note that the text is not long, the key lies in whether the truth value. In a word, a hundred words, can clear the problem on the line. Long but does not meet the reading habits of the forum users. In addition, serialization is the way users love, say a little every day, don’t look tired, convenient to write.

exposure is very important: there is an advertisement, "Dabao see every day". Familiar with people, often see is a way. Friends for the forum often appear people have intimacy, but also on the formation of the days and months multiplying brand.

learn to interact: remember that there is a TV series, "don’t talk to strangers", in turn, people who don’t speak must be unfamiliar. To build trust, we must first talk. There is a moving advertisement in Mount Putuo: "communication creates harmony and harmony changes the world". Let the customer trust you, from the beginning at


professional wins trust: we see a lot of people do not do not understand the "professional can be trusted," the truth. So what are they doing? For example, they often make an ad: "the company is the largest and most professional home improvement company in Fuzhou". This sentence written in the outdoor big name, perhaps can fully reflect the self-confidence. But in the forum issued such advertising posts, it is possible

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