Experience leveraging the micro Amoy mobile gate

[the] Taobao mobile phone technology news in the 4 month started closed beta – "micro Amoy mobile shopping highlights". Since April, micro Amoy beta has been for several months, the recent concern about the surge, the industry is not a comment. Recently, WeChat 5 and micro-blog Taobao released the same day, the online payment function, the latter will be Taobao and Sina micro-blog tied together, the two major mobile platform wars triggered at any moment. Although WeChat and micro Amoy are mobile business platform, but the two face competition place is not much, mainly for WeChat mobile phone games, the line of goods online purchase, micro Amoy is equivalent to the Taobao store in micro-blog extension.

but to prevent Taobao sellers moved to the WeChat platform, the two sides still struggled, the seller said yesterday received the news, requiring the removal of the two-dimensional code outside the shop, adverse event page, Taobao, Ali and Sina micro-blog, its meaning alluding to WeChat, but the seller said this is a misunderstanding.

as the micro Amoy account "female fashion pictorial" operator, has tried for 5 days, and this opened Taobao store, experienced a change in the Internet to Taobao, micro Amoy deeply has great opportunities here, talk about a bit of micro Amoy analysis and prediction.

Figure 1: trial micro scouring operation account

micro Amoy electricity supplier is the second revolution

In essence, the problem of

is to solve the problem of asymmetric information, and improve the efficiency and means of information transmission. Micro-blog, WeChat, are in the information will be zero. Many people to the micro Amoy and the former two to compare, for example, if micro-blog is the Beijing News, WeChat is the mobile newspaper, then the micro Amoy boutique shopping guide. When the user to receive the information stored in the expectations are different, the content must also be different, otherwise there will be a loss of users.

leather WeChat’s life, or their own lives?

many people are in the micro Amoy and micro-blog, WeChat compared, not only because the name is similar to the use of fragments of time, mobile phone new media has irreplaceable advantages, while Taobao is clearly not because of the mobile phone is used to check the logistics, when the mobile phone terminal consumption proportion is more and more big, the content to open up between consumption and social barriers is the only way which must be passed. Of course, the industry comment makes sense, micro Amoy is almost in WeChat under the threat was finally released. If there is no pressure, there is no driving force for innovation. The so-called Internet industry curve salvation, Tencent, Baidu, Ali are so.

next: user boot and jungle rules

Figure 2: new H5 content sharing is conducive to micro Amoy brand promotion

so, to analyze the micro Amoy next need to do it. In the process of operating accounts, found that the current micro channel fans rely on external motivation is still insufficient, which has little to do with the consumer awareness of the micro amoy. Every time with the user, we must first explain what is the micro amoy. Brand marketing

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