Quanzhou a company selling 200 thousand Olympic domain name

The day before, an Internet company in Quanzhou, with the price of 200 thousand Olympic Games will involve domain name — www.aoyunfuwa.net, the successful transfer of a Real Estate Company in Hubei. The network company Mr. Chen has received the full amount remitted from the other side, the two sides are currently handling the transfer procedures.


two years ago

the owner of the domain name, is one of the shareholders of the flying network chen. As long as it is engaged in the network, the domain name has a special sensitivity, so the registration of the domain name is not accidental."

November 11, 2005, as the mascot of the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008 – the image of the Olympic Fuwa has just been released, Mr. Chen successfully registered the domain name. "When the domain name was registered, not holding an investment mentality, but they want to engage in a sports brand website, and feel that the name is very meaningful." Shortly after the registration of the domain name, Mr. Chen and his friends to cooperate in a business website, and then he put his whole heart into the operation of the site, the domain name will slowly forget.

let Mr. Chen think of the commercial value of the domain name, is a network of friends. Not long ago, Mr. Chen to the company’s friends to chat, occasionally listen to friends that he registered a "white clouds fluttering" domain name, the result of 100 thousand yuan price was bought by others.

a domain name can be transferred 100 thousand? Chen remembered his 2005 registration of the domain name, their own use is not as good as transferred out. So Mr. Chen sent a message on the website. Just a few days time, there are 5 sports brands in Quanzhou and Beijing, Shanxi, Hubei 3 provinces of the company and Mr. chen. After the final turns counsel, Real Estate Company of Hubei for $200 thousand and Mr. Chen signed a transfer agreement.

claimed to be walking a fine line

"although they did not say to the domain name for what, but in my opinion, the company to buy the domain name of the original intention, is the value of its appreciation value." Mr. Chen said, in fact, the investment domain is not big, because the domain name registration is very simple, the registered domestic domain name (.Cn) now as long as 1 yuan, the international domain name (.Com /.Net) is only 60 yuan.

"domain name composed of fewer words the more valuable, but each network company has registered at least hundreds of thousands of domain names put, want to register a good domain name is more and more difficult." Mr. Chen said, in the Shenzhou six heaven, he also wanted to register the domain name, only to find that all the relevant domain name of Shenzhou eleven was registered.

As for the registration and transfer of the domain name

, is suspected of violating the provisions of "Regulations on the protection of Olympic Symbols", Mr. Chen said, he also registered as a www.aoyunfuwa.cn domain, because of violation of the provisions have been recovered, but because the.Net domain name is the international domain name, to retain, strictly speaking, can also be considered >

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