Zhengzhou cross border e commerce import and export commodities in the first quarter amounted to 4 m

since 2014 October, Zhengzhou cross-border e-commerce import and export business of rapid growth, in November and December of import and export commodities package amounted to 100 thousand and 200 thousand, and in January of this year has exceeded 1 million, the first quarter is 4 million 700 thousand, the volume of business leading the other pilot city.

in July 15, 2013, Zhengzhou began cross-border trade e-commerce services pilot, becoming the first batch of 5 cross-border trade e-commerce services pilot cities. According to Zhengzhou customs statistics show that after Zhengzhou became a pilot city, cross-border e-commerce package import and export volume increased rapidly, as of March 31st this year, the record to participate in the pilot enterprises has reached 442, of which 256 commercial enterprises, 113 enterprises of electronic business platform, logistics warehousing enterprises 11, 56 enterprises, 6 enterprises of customs clearance. Total import and export commodities reached 5 million 428 thousand and 200, worth $499 million.

Henan bonded logistics center general manager Xu Ping introduced, before the pilot, cross-border e-commerce import and export amount every day only a few or dozens of pieces, and now tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands per day, which reflects the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce in our province.

Xu Ping lists a set of data: before the pilot bonded logistics center warehouse annual income of not more than two million yuan, according to the amount of business contract signed at present this year, earnings will exceed 300 million yuan; amount of goods only E trade at present, can Zheng Ouban column, air cargo logistics mode to provide daily 100 tons of cargo, the future the average daily will reach hundreds of tons; the former pilot of our province business platform is very few, after the pilot has several Home Furnishing in the top 20 domestic business platform, provides a platform for public entrepreneurship, innovation.

the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce in Zhengzhou, customs clearance facilitation. Zhengzhou customs in the open area office director Lan Lei introduction, the traditional mode of clearance is one of the important factors affecting the timeliness of cross-border e-commerce, Zhengzhou to become a pilot city, Zhengzhou customs launched the "import and export bonded delivery mode, set up the overseas warehouse in areas under special customs supervision and bonded supervision areas through the model the electronic commerce enterprise, not only reduces the cost of logistics business enterprise cross-border transportation, logistics and customer service also provides speed protection for consumers shopping experience.

Henan cross-border e-commerce development faster than other pilot cities, an important reason is to win in the aging." Xu Ping said, Zhengzhou to build a global logistics system, and efficient professional services provided in the customs and other regulatory aspects, which goes beyond other city in goods delivery time, this is also the Zhengzhou pilot enterprises reached more than and 400, far higher than other pilot city for.

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