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convenience store Amazon lockers (Tencent technology plan)

Tencent technology news (Xiao E) Beijing time on August 7th news, according to foreign media reports, Amazon is redoubling its efforts to solve the problem has long been plagued by online retailers: delivery unsuccessful. The Internet giant has been quietly in some grocery stores, convenience stores and pharmacies to install a huge metal cabinet — Amazon (Amazon Locker), storage locker customer package for subsequent removal.

1 years ago, Amazon began in Seattle, near New York and Washington DC installed lockers. Now the company is speeding up the promotion of the service. In the past few weeks, Amazon has opened the first batch of lockers in the San Francisco Bay area. Amazon added lockers, in order to solve some of the Town Apartments building tenants worry, because these people are afraid that they missed the delivery time, or on their own doorstep items will be stolen.

Amazon’s move is also aimed at a number of competitors, such as other retailers or United Parcel company, they provide a service to the designated location delivery. ShopRunner chief strategy officer Fiona · Dias (Fiona Dias) said: "the delivery has been facing the challenge of electronic commerce in Europe and Japan, in the United States has become more and more severe, especially the thief would enter the field, they can easily follow the truck UPS, and from the customer doorstep stole the package."

is from the traditional retailers such as Amazon, WAL-MART and best buy and other practices, these companies added to the pickup location online shopping customers to store goods taken away. However, in the absence of their own store, Amazon must find partners to provide space for lockers. According to Amazon’s website, where the California joined the North American locker number increased by at least 50. In addition, the Seattle company will also provide lockers in the UK, "every week will add new Amazon locker location".

Four City

set up Amazon lockers are located in the United States, has imposed a sales tax to Amazon customers, or plan to do so in the next year. It is not clear that the future of the Amazon opened lockers will cause sales tax levy. Amazon spokeswoman Marie · Aosake (Mary Osako) refused to disclose how much the Amazon lockers, or the next step will be opened in the city which aimed at.

packaging and delivery orders are Amazon’s main expense, and the company has also built its own warehouse to speed up delivery. The second quarter of the company’s order fulfillment costs, from $941 million last year to $1 billion 360 million. The Amazon lockers plan is quite simple. The goods sent to the locker – usually at 7-Elevens, a grocery store or chain drug stores, customers can get a generation > by email

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