Comprehensively improve the user experience of B2C mobile shopping

many B2C e-commerce companies launched mobile shopping client. Therefore, the user experience becomes increasingly important in B2C mobile shopping. The level of the experience of users to achieve the level of shopping experience reflects the quality of B2C e-commerce service quality. Therefore, a good user experience is the goal of B2C e-commerce business efforts.

users in the process of B2C mobile shopping experience, in all in any stage of difficulties or dissatisfaction, provided by the user in the electronic commerce enterprise service will be adversely affected, these difficulties or dissatisfaction may even completely prevent users to reach the next stage. The three stages of cognitive decision, settlement payment and logistics distribution may be reflected in the use of feedback, and the settlement payment, logistics distribution and use of feedback will affect the cognitive decision-making stage. In addition, in the B2C mobile shopping process in any stage of the improvement of all experience will contribute to the overall satisfaction of users. Therefore, in order to enable users to get the greatest satisfaction and shopping experience, it should be mentioned in all aspects of the user shopping process.

1, in the cognitive decision-making, reasonable layout and column Division home page, update the page content and strengthening the media to express information, can change the rolling promotion information placed on the home page, allowing users to information of interest in the first time, enhance the needs of users, to stimulate consumer; strengthen the user the guide, through the rational allocation and design of navigation, helps the user to define their goals and access steps; increase the copy order function, can facilitate the users to buy buy before the merchandise.

2, in payment terms, we should design and expression of information should convey to the user security of mobile shopping client application and payment security reliable information, simplify the payment process, provide a good feedback to help users more smoothly, more convenient payment.

3, in terms of logistics and distribution, and provide visual design and convenient logistics information query and order status, can let the user know the goods display the exact current location and the status of the order through the online map, can help users to understand and express the information memory interface.

4, in the use of feedback, should allow users to quickly and easily evaluate the goods and services, streamline the evaluation process, reduce the user’s input operations; and strengthen the user to share the product guide.

in particular, for mobile shopping client applications, in the understanding of decision-making, to better understand the user’s understanding of the product and promote the user to make a purchase decision. For example, mobile shopping client application, can strengthen the product search function, such as increasing the purchase, purchase of color pictures of personalized search help users to search commodity; in "palm Hui" and "digital mobile phone", "Daily" and "home city" and other columns to provide goods and optimize the screening function of commodity classification hierarchy. Let the user get the goods you want to buy in the shortest time; provide convenient for users to purchase consulting function >

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