U S real estate information website Zillow rose 79% on the first day of listing

NetEase technology news July 21st, according to foreign media reports, the U.S. real estate information website Zillow shares rose on the first day of listing, was up 200% to $60. Zillow raised the issue price of initial public offerings (IPO) twice before listing.

Zillow listed on Nasdaq, ticker symbol Z. As of 4 p.m. New York time, Zillow shares rose by $35.77 to $79%, when the stock was up $200% to $60. Zillow sold 3 million 460 thousand shares at $20, totaling $69 million 200 thousand. 20 U.S. dollars higher than the previously announced price range of $16-18.

Zillow is the second after the United States social networking site LinkedIn, the Russian Internet company Yandex NV and the U.S. vacation house rental site HomeAway, become this year and a shares listed on the first day up more than 49% of the site. Since some Internet Co listed on the first day of performance is far more than the United States in 2011 on the first day of listing on average about 7% of the increase, a limited number of listed Internet Co appeared to scramble to buy the situation.

Joseph, founder of

Schuster IPOX in Chicago, · (Josef Schuster), said: "this is another IPO with high demand, at least for now, in. In view of the performance of HomeAway and LinkedIn before, I think there are a lot of people to participate in the purchase of non white."

LinkedIn shares listed on the first day of 124% gain, HomeAway rose by 53%.

Zillow web site to help house buyers, sellers, renters and lessors to publish and search for real estate information, estimate housing prices and provide other information. In the quarter ended March 31st, Zillow sales rose more than doubled to $11 million 300 thousand. According to its prospectus disclosure, the net loss for the quarter fell to $826 thousand from $2 million 800 thousand a year earlier. (Liu Chun)

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