Hackers arrested in mind invasion of government websites selling false profit

a gang using hacking attack the government website, tampering with the database information, and then selling false certificates, caused by Internet access available to the program, from a profit of more than 200 yuan. Recently, Jiangxi police cracked the network crime case the supervision of the Ministry of public security, and seized a number of crimes with computer equipment and all kinds of false number, arrested 10 suspects, including 2 people were arrested.

hacking site to modify data

graduated from the school, Lin (a pseudonym) has not been made "doctor qualification certificate", which makes him very distressed. An accidental opportunity, he learned from a friend, someone can help him get the doctor qualification certificate. In order to pay the other 10 thousand yuan, Lin finally got a new "doctor qualification certificate". Jiangxi Provincial Department of health website, his doctor qualification certificate no problem. In a little overjoyed: the money is not white.

however, in a few days later again into the Jiangxi provincial health department website, was surprised to find that the Internet can not find their own "doctor qualification certificate", the number has been tampered with. In the heart suddenly had a premonition that he cheated? Forest immediately to the provincial health department to reflect this situation.

in fact, before this, the provincial health department has received several similar cases reflect. According to relevant staff revealed that at the beginning of June, there have been more than 10 people on a fake "doctor qualification certificate" to the relevant departments of Zhejiang province for the "practice license", the relevant departments found that the certificate is false, but found a query online database, and to verify the health department of Jiangxi province. Provincial Health Department found in the examination center website, a few months ago, the site had been hacked into, the database has been tampered with.

in June 6th this year, the provincial health department examination center feel the seriousness of the situation, report to the provincial public security department immediately: the network monitoring Corps Department website qualification query database is the illegal operation of others, someone changes the contents of the database and making false "doctor qualification certificate" for profit.

police careful investigation uncovered hacking

after receiving the report, the Provincial Public Security Bureau Network Monitoring Corps quickly organized personnel to investigate, found a large number of data sites are modified. In view of the seriousness of the situation, the Provincial Public Security Bureau immediately reported the case of Ministry of public security, the Ministry of public security immediately will be the case as part of the handling of cases.

June 19th, the Provincial Public Security Bureau Network Monitoring Corps investigation case. To be attacked by the police through the scene control server inspection and comparison, found that the hacker intrusion since March 26th in Jiangxi Province Health Department website, and upload the website backdoor to control web server. After investigation, the hacker is to use outside Singapore’s IP address will distort the data upload, means very subtle, have a higher sense of anti detection. The police after several days of painstaking investigation, finally hackers in the online identity of the other virtual lock, and ultimately determine the suspect’s Internet site with new road in the vicinity of a university dormitory in the province and Nanchang city respectively.


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