The transformation of the nternet WeChat OUT SMS pay New Year’s call Spring Festival just red envel

[Abstract] now people just look at the circle of friends, you can understand the different regions of the new year customs.

Tencent science and technology Xin Yan reported on February 16th

began in the 1983 Spring Festival Gala has become essential to every family during the Spring Festival of the project: one family around in front of the TV watching the Spring Festival evening eat family reunion dinner, waiting for the 12 o’clock midnight ringing sound, accompanied by the deafening sound of firecrackers ushered in the new year. Slowly, the Spring Festival Gala has become the witness and recorder of the Chinese New Year’s Eve family reunion.

with the change of times and the change of people’s lifestyle, in addition to the show, Internet envelopes become the new ways to celebrate Spring Festival, let it become more concentrated flavor, make friends and relatives between warm feelings to convey in between send and receive red envelopes.

The high penetration of

WeChat and other online social software in people’s daily life, also let the SMS, telephone and other means is slowly replaced by WeChat pay New Year’s call, people simply browse the circle of friends will be able to understand the different regions of the New Year customs on both sides of the Changjiang River Chinese.

all these are proving that the Spring Festival has gradually become an online carnival, and a lot of the taste of the internet.

online social development of the pay New Year’s call way

people pay New Year’s call way is quietly changing. From the traditional way to kowtow to their previous messages to pay New Year’s call to today’s WeChat, different ways to pay New Year’s call pay New Year’s call, show different characteristics of the times.

just realized a staff in mobile phone era, people realize the remote interaction through phone calls and text messages, even in two places also through voice and text communication, then the Spring Festival Gala broadcast on the screen, send text messages but also meet the eye everywhere.

in recent years, the daily communication tool change is also changing the way through the number of messages: pay New Year’s call pay New Year’s call decreased significantly, more young people choose to use social software such as WeChat pay New Year’s call.

Compared with

and SMS pay New Year’s call online social software, pay New Year’s call more flexible and innovative, such as record a short video, or by similar to Xiaoou such social software to generate dynamic images with personal characteristics pay New Year’s call.

you know, in previous years, when the received message is mostly artificial processing obvious signs of mass piece messages, make the recipient the happiness and moved index decreased and the reply message is hit by the degree of passion.

can be said that the Internet is changing the way people live in all aspects, including the Spring Festival customs. Even pay New Year’s call red shift from offline to online, fingertips to relatives and friends of the red envelopes.

Internet red reconstruction of the spring festival scene

"In the past four years as

New Year’s Eve is the Spring Festival couplets, posted goalkeeper, staying-up late on new year’s Eve, gift money; now the new year is the custom is to grab a red envelope! Grab a red envelope! Grab a red envelope! Grab a red envelope!" in the years when people Tucao taste more and more light, red line is slowly move closer to people’s hearts. "

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