Public comment product analysis report customer first is the fundamental product

article original title: public comment product analysis report – local life service class O2O

Description: subtitle "local life service O2O" refers to the local information services (such as the 58 market, such as public comment), group purchase (including flash Hui, coupons and other mobile phone business, preferential pay) ordering, takeout, hotel reservations, movie poll seat, door-to-door service. Not including Alipay and WeChat pay line pay business, tourism, transportation etc..

1, industry overview

1.1 market overview

The rapid development of

mobile Internet to China local life service providers is developing rapidly, with the rapid integration of O2O and the service life of the local various vertical areas, local life service O2O market showing rapid growth. According to Analysys think tank "research of life services market report 2015" special Chinese Internet data, 2015 Chinese local life service O2O market reached 361 billion 550 million yuan, is expected in 2016 the market size will reach 448 billion 770 million yuan.

The development of

back China Internet service life market can be summarized into the following stages: 1, 2003-2005 years to public comment, as the representative of the 58 city life service platform, but not very shallow or trade links between businesses and interventional B end C end user. 2, 2005-2010 group buying patterns, the classification of information platform from the information model to the service transaction model, the rapid development of group buying business, gradually involved in the transaction, and the formation of a closed loop transaction. In 2010 3, a large number of capital involved, at the same time the service life of the influx of vertical applications (U.S. group, Wo Wo Group, Baidu Nuomi, handle network), financing subsidies to educate users to cultivate the market. 4, 2015 crazy subsidies industry has yet to find a benign development model, capital bearish, industry consolidation, life service platform and vertical application or restructuring or exit the market, and staged a wave of mergers. 5, (2016) (forecast), first of all, the gradual maturity of the business model, the market mainstream pattern. Then the advantage of the manufacturers to find suitable for the sustainable development of the industry profit model, some manufacturers began to get stable earnings. Followed by the vertical application of integrated access platform model will be more in-depth, brand and user resources will be the core of resources.


probably talk about the general situation of the local life service O2O market, or into our business. That then we mainly discussed the group purchase: local life service platform for public comment in O2O (although the public comment is based on classified information platform started, but now the group purchase attribute of it undoubtedly prevailed, and after the merger with the U.S. group now has undoubtedly can be said to be a leader in the industry).

then talk about the general situation of the group buying market. In 2015 Chinese group purchase market scale and number of people showed a doubling of growth, annual total group purchase market turnover of 191 billion 750 million yuan. Food and beverage category

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